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A wide variety of moving boxes and supplies

In addition to exceptional moving services, Iowa Moving 1 provides a wide variety of moving boxes and packaging supplies that can be delivered to the Des Moines metro area. You can receive FREE delivery for purchases worth $100 or more to Urbandale, Clive, Johnston, West Des Moines and Waukee. A packing labor service is also available.

Wardrobe boxes (18"x 18" x 46")

• Used for suits, dresses, and hanging clothes.

• Double-walled for extra strength.

• Include metal hanging bars.

• $13.21 per box (plus tax)

Choose from a variety of packing materials

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Dish barrel boxes Furniture pads Medium moving boxes Large moving boxes Picture boxes Ratchet tie-down straps Stretch wrap Small moving boxes Tape Wardrobe boxes

Small moving boxes (16" x 12" x 12")

•  Used to pack books and smaller/heavier items.

•  $2.12 per box (plus tax)

Medium moving boxes (18" x 18" x 16")

•  Used for kitchen appliances, toys, and regular-sized items.

•  $2.59 per box (plus tax)

Large moving boxes (18" x 18" x 24")

•  Used for clothes, bedding, lamp shades, and larger-yet-light items.

•  $3.07 per box (plus tax)

Dish barrel boxes (18" x 18" x 28")

•  Used to pack kitchen dishes and breakable items.

•  Double-walled for extra strength.

•  $8.49 per box (plus tax)

Picture boxes (4-piece sets adjustable up to 40" x 60")

•  Used to protect framed art and mirrors

•  Use with packing paper or bubble wrap for extra protection.

•  $10.38 per set (plus tax)

Tape (55-yard rolls)

•  Used to seal boxes or secure furniture pads onto items.

•  $2.83 per roll (plus tax)

Packing paper (25 lb. bundles)

•  Used to wrap dishes and other fragile items.

•  $28.30 per 25 lb. bundle (plus tax)

Furniture pads (72" x 80")

•  Used to protect furniture from scratches and damage during transit.

•  $9.43 per pad (plus tax)

Stretch wrap

•  Used to secure pads onto items such as dressers and armoires.

•  Protects certain furniture from dirt and moisture damage.

•  Keeps drawers from flopping open.

•  $23.58 per roll (plus tax)

Ratchet tie-down straps (12 ft. in length)

•  Used to secure items within the rental truck or trailer.

•  $16.98 per 2-pack (plus tax)

•  $25.47 per 4-pack (plus tax)

Mattress bags

•  Protect mattresses from dirt, moisture, and rips

•  $8.49 per king-sized bag (plus tax)

•  $7.55 per queen-sized bag (plus tax)

•  $6.60 per twin-sized bag (plus tax)

Bubble wrap rolls

Bubble wrap rolls

•  Protects fragile items such as figurines, china, lamps, and pictures.

•  $28.30 per roll (plus tax)

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